The World

The world is tidally locked in relation to the sun, so it rotates 360 degrees just once per year, and presents the same face to the sun all year around.

This presents the inhabitants of the world with some challenges in terms of navigation and timekeeping. The closer you are to the city of Levenge, the less you can see any astronomical activity. However, in the Twilight lands, particularly near the terminator, heavenly bodies can be seen, including a handful of the brighter stars, and the three moons that orbit the world.

Strangely enough, there is an easy way for the denizens of the world to keep time. It is called the Pulse.

Once per 24 hours, a tremor runs through the world, and this is felt by all living creatures. It is not an earthquake, but something more subtle, almost a surge of energy or tightening of muscles. Stories abound of soldiers distracted by the pulse at crucial moments, and the path of history swayed by the arrival of the pulse at a crucial time. Undead do not feel the pulse, and neither has any machine managed to record it. Curiousy, the sensation of the pulse is greatly reduced if standing near Dead Street.

In Levenge, a guild of timekeepers keep meticulous account of the pulses and calibrate mechanical timepieces by it. These are sold and distributed to aid in timekeeping between pulses. The guild rings great bells to mark every thirtieth pulse (subcycle), and 360 pulses (12 subcycles) constitute a cycle.

The current cycle is the 158th of the reign of Jonastovar, the incumbent Archon.

The moons of the world do not follow traditional orbits. Arda is a bright silvery body that occupies a polar orbit close to the terminator, taking a subcycle to complete an orbit.

Enya is a much swifter-moving yellowish orb, which completes more than 11 orbits to Arda’s one. It has a more erratic orbit, which takes it over the Sunlit Lands.

The names of both these moons and the even stranger body named Geth are elven. Other cultures have alternative names for these objects.

Geth resides in a highly elliptical orbit, and goes for several cycles without being seen as it moves out to its apogee. This is partly due to it’s low albedo, although the colour of its surface can change in hue as it approaches the world. Geth is associated with death and disaster among the elves.

The World

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