Goliath Warden from the Charge


The Unnamed Warden

To become a full warden of the Black Oak clan, I have to do my nature quest. Wardens of my clan wield two handed hammers, of an unusual sort. They collect seeds of 3-7 different tree types, by travelling and discovering those trees that really speak to them. Then when they have what they feel is the correct amount (collected and preserved with soil samples etc) they return home and travel to the sacred mountain peak, where they search till they find just the right lump of dark metal infused stone.

They then plant the trees in a small circle and over the coming 3 months tend them and grow them so that the trunks of the newly growing trees are twisted to form the haft of the hammer, and the roots infuse the rock, replacing the weaker stone and forming a dark metal/root head of great weight and strength. The more tree seeds used the harder it is to complete and the more prestigious the weapon. Once the weapon is complete a final ceremony is performed and the weapon is dug up and presented to the fully fledged warden.

When a warden dies, his weapon is planted with him, and a wonderful tree will grow over his site of eternal rest. These warden trees never drop seeds, but no warden tree has died in the tribes memory.


Levenge Juzzman