Janpere Gaultarre


The family Gaultarre is a mixed bag. Some scions forge ahead in the name of the family, nobles who have extensive holdings and trading interests beyond the Roil. Others, like young Janpere, are black sheep intent on ignoring (or even undermining in some cases) the needs of the family brand. Janpere is fortunate to have the endorsement of his eccentric uncle Cecil in his endeavours – although due to Cecil’s travels, financial support is somewhat sporadic.

Janpere hopes his road to fame will be the construction of a revolutionary vessel he calls his Sinkable, which he is near to completing.

Recently, the heroes enlisted his aid in crossing the Lev in the Sinkable during a test run, in turn providing a him with a welcome stipend to enable continuation of his research.

Janpere Gaultarre

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