Giramelle de Sailly

The beautiful mistress of merchant House Vedaan


Giramelle is lovely, although she is clearly past her prime. She counts among her best features a heart-shaped face framed with auburn hair, and a curvaceous figure. She is noted for her business acumen, and enjoys an escalating rivalry with Carswell van der Huyt that is heating up exponentially.

Vedaan Imports, which Giramelle inherited from her deceased husband Federick Vedaan, deals in perfumes, cosmetics, incense and precious stones.

All sorts of rumours abound regarding Giramelle’s affairs of the heart, far too many for them all to be true. Although she does seem to have an inordinate number of close friends in court, the higher levels of the guilds, the military, and even the church!

Giramelle de Sailly

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