Cecil Gaultarre

The black sheep of the Gaultarre clan, an eccentric adventurer to some, heretic to others.


Cecil is obviously used to the good life; always impeccably dressed, and apparently never deprived of rich food, the man cuts a slightly comical figure. However, he moves with a grace which betrays his reputation as quite the duellist in his time.


Cecil Gaultarre is a wealthy man, being part of the noted Gaultarre family of merchants. He sports a strong Velician accent, having been dispatched to ancient familial holdings there at an early age in order to “further his education” (although rumours of ill-discipline and a tendency to play pranks on his elders may indicate he was sent there for other reasons). Cecil is a portly middle-aged man, with suspiciously lush hair and a wardrobe of smartly-tailored clothes.

Cecil has a voracious appetite for historical facts – which has led him into conflict with the Church on more than one occasion. He has however cultivated strategic friendships among some of the fringe factions, such as the Shadow Rays.

Cecil continues to sponsor artisans and scientists despite pressure from the wider Gaultarre hierarchy. His nephew Janpere in particular has benefited from his patronage.

Cecil Gaultarre

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