Carswell van der Huyt

Devious Merchant Prince operating from Levenge


“Not a reasonable man” is how Carswell van der Huyt likes to describe himself.

He is the master of a trading house inherited from his father, and he has rescued the business from the brink of ruin, taking it in some new directions along the way.

House van der Huyt is, on the face of it, a trader in luxuries – spices and exotic foods, art, jewels and the like. However, it is a poorly kept secret that the House also peddles a wide variety of contraband items, and that this business is more likely where the bulk of Carswell’s profit comes from.

Carswell himself is rumoured to control any negative interest in his dealings by deploying strategic bribes. There are rumours of more forceful methods being applied to holdouts, but nothing that has led to any legal issues for Carswell.

A stocky man, Carswell appears to have little interest in his presentation. His dark, lank hair hangs long and unkempt. Cold green eyes evaluate those he speaks to, and intimidate along the way. He has an interest in pigeon breeding, although he displays no love for the creatures.

Carswell dwells in a cliffside mansion in Surla District.

Chief rivals include Giramelle de Sailly, a dealer in perfumes, medicines and gems, and Albrecht Mouldt, a slave trader who has threatened to kill him.

Carswell van der Huyt

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