Albrecht Mouldt

A slaver operating in Levenge


Albrecht Mouldt is an intimidating man, standing at 6’9”, and weighing in at approximately the same heft as a draft-horse.

His reputation is almost as impressive – in the 3 cycles since he “took over” his erstwhile partner’s business, he has established a presence in the city that cannot be ignored.

Not one for diplomacy, Mouldt usually finds he doesn’t have to bother with any of that as his rivals and enemies disappear or meet tragic ends before they discomfort him too much. No matter, he simply goes and picks a new batch of enemies to play with.

Mouldt is attracting attention from all sorts of VIPs in the city. He has no known allies, as he is apparently extremely difficult to bargain with.

Albrecht Mouldt

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